New Finishes on Stainless Steel

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Left to Right: White, Graphite, Satin Brass, Black

Powder coating colours

Opaque Colours: Agave, Green Pearl, Ochre, Brown, Navy Blue and Blue Grey

Powder Coating Neutrals

Opaque Neutrals: White, Graphite, Chocolate, Black, Moyen, Sable

Powder Coating Metallics

Sheer Metallics allow the lustre of the stainless steel to shine through, resulting in a realistic metal finish: Inox (Brushed stainless steel base metal), Titanium, Bronze, Matte Gold, Copper, Satin Brass

Stainless steel pocket door handles in powdercoated finishes:

White, Matte Gold, Black, Graphite, White, Satin Brass