A Touch of Luxury

Bring luxury home

Whether you own a million dollar home or simply want your home to feel like a million dollars, you can bring in luxurious style with simple changes.

The help you get started, Redfin reached out to design experts, including Dekkor, for our best budget-friendly luxury tips.

Our input is outlined below; follow the link to see Redfin's 22 Ways to Bring a Touch of Luxury Into Your Home.

Swarovski Deco Handles
Stainless Steel Square Rounded D Pulls

You interact with hardware daily, so think about upgrading your home’s ‘touch points’ in luxurious finishes instead of completely replacing tired furniture pieces or cabinetry.

Pictured: Solid Stainless Steel Square Rounded D Pull

Replacing handles and knobs is a quick and easy way to integrate fine elements into your home. 

Pictured: Arpa Plate in Antique Brass

Bring Functional Luxury with decorative hardware in finishes like Leather, Swarovski Crystal, Solid Brushed Stainless Steel, Brushed Brass, or Knurled Black, just to name a few!

Pictured: Graf Big in Brushed Black

Arpa Plate Antique Brass Graf big Handle Black Knurled

Be sure to check out Redfin's 22 Ways to Bring a Touch of Luxury Into Your Home to see other ways you can incorporate a little more elegance into your space.