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Specializing in an extensive selection of stainless steel cabinet handles, pulls and knobs, DEKKOR is a North American distributor of decorative hardware from Europe.
We offer superior quality and innovative design for the kitchen, bath and furniture industries. DEKKOR has something for all tastes and budgets.

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25 years of European Engineered Quality


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Impressive Design and Real Added Value

Tambour Door Kits

Looking to add style, create space or conceal clutter in your kitchen, bath, or furniture design? Custom Tambour Door Kits from Dekkor adds European style with quiet and smooth operation.

A functional design element, Tambour door kits allow for efficient storage in small or awkward spaces such as corner cabinets.

Add European style, create space and conceal clutter in kitchen, bath, or furniture designs. Made-to-order kits are designed and manufactured in Europe. They are delivered pre-assembled as a convenient easy-to-install cartridge system.


Smart case tambour on cabinettamobour door
smart case
Smart case system tambour
Knoke tambour smart case

Models- Materials/Finishes:


SmartPlus: Aluminum with stainless-steel look or anodised aluminum finish

KS25/40-Series: ABS with stainless steel effect, matte black, white or black high gloss

Quasar Reflex: Saftey glass, frosted or lacquered, black or white

Knoke Finishes glassTambour door stainless Steel


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Black float glassMatte black knoke










From left Black Float Glass, Quasar Reflex, Matte Black KS40

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